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Cauda Equina syndrom

Cauda Equina Syndrome Symptoms 
Symptoms of cauda equina syndrome include the following:  
Low back pain  
Pain in one leg (unilateral) or both legs (bilateral) that starts in  
the buttocks and travels down the back of the thighs and legs  
Numbness in the groin or area of contact if sitting on a saddle  
(perineal or saddle paresthesia)  
Bowel and bladder disturbances  
Lower extremity muscle weakness and loss of sensations  
Reduced or absent lower extremity reflexes  
Low back pain can be divided into local and radicular pain.  
Local pain is generally a deep, aching pain resulting from soft  
tissue and vertebral body irritation.  
Leg pain (radicular pain) is generally a sharp, stabbing pain  
resulting from compression of the nerve roots. Radicular pain  
projects along the specific areas controlled by the compressed nerve  
(known as a dermatomal distribution).  
Bladder disturbance (urinary manifestations) related to cauda equina  
syndrome include the following:  
Inability to urinate (urinary retention)  
Difficulty initiating urination (urinary hesitancy)  
Decreased sensation when urinating (decreased urethral sensation) 
Inability to stop or control urination (incontinence)  
Bowel disturbances may include the following:  
Inability to stop or feel a bowel movement (incontinence)  
Loss of anal tone and sensation  
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