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CSF Flow

Claudine Goze-Weber 
Explanation for the CSF flow 
Posted by Claudine Goze-Weber at 9:59am on October 24th, 2010 
Cerebro-spinal fluid is produced in the brain and is pumped from the brain down the spinal cord, around the spinal cord and brain and is then reabsorbed. 
A sac-like membrane (dural membrane) covers the brain and spinal cord in which it is immersed in C.S.F. The C.S.F. acts as a cushion protecting this delicate mechanism. C.S.F. provides nourishment, removes waste material and provides an ideal medium for nerve energy conduction. 
CIRCULATION OF CEREBRO-SPINAL FLUID A very special function takes place in the human body that is absolutely essential to good health. It is the circulation throughout the nervous system of C.S.F. 
C.S.F. is created in the brain and supplied to the nervous system through the gentle pulsing action of three pulses. The first pulse is generated in the brain. The second pulse is the diaphragmatic respiratory pulse - breathing. The third pulse is the cardio vascular pulse - generated by the heart. 
SACRAL PUMP A minute regular rhythmic motion between the occiput and the sacrum circulates the C.S.F. around the brain and spinal cord and throughout the nervous system. This sacral pump is the circulatory system of the brain and spinal cord and its function is paramount to normal health 

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