Tarlovcyst and arachnoiditis 

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Magnetic Resonance Neurography

Magnetic resonance neurography (MRN) is the direct imaging of nerves in the body using special modifications of magnetic resonance imaging.  
The technique obtains a true detailed image of a nerve in which the resonance signal arises from in the nerve itself rather than from surrounding tissues or from fat in the nerve lining.  
Because of the intraneural source of the image signal, the image provides a medically useful set of information about the internal state of the nerve such as the presence of irritation, nerve swelling (edema), compression, pinch or injury.  
Standard MR images can show the outline of some nerves in portions of their courses but don't show the intrinsic signal from nerve water.  
MR Neurography is used to evaluate major nerve compressions such as those affecting the sciatic nerve (e.g. piriformis syndrome), the brachial plexus nerves (e.g. thoracic outlet syndrome), the pudendal nerve, or virtually any named nerve in the body.  

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